About Avid Skin Care

The Avid Story

Avid Skin Care was founded in 2011 by Tammi Iafrate. At that time, Tammi was a single mother of five and was selling Real Estate. Her high school aged son was starting to show signs of acne on his face and back. At the same time, Tammi was showing signs of adult acne along with fine lines and wrinkles.

Tammi then decided to put together a regime that would help individuals at any age with their acne and other skin issues. Avid Skin Care not only leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing but the confidence that is regained and is everlasting. Today, Avid is co-owned by Tammi Iafrate and Sherri Mignot.

Sherri Mignot

Tammi Iafrate

Our Mission Statement

“To provide our customers with the highest quality products to support beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin. At Avid we are committed to working with clients to create an individual skincare process that will provide you with the long-term results that you’ve always wanted.”